Company Profile

A. Jogja Inspiration Group

This gives the name of the company founder Jogja Inspiration for the future study at the University of Gadjah Mada has been inspired to set up a business which might be expected to hold jobs in addition to profit orented, jogja which is capable of printing the city education human resources so that we can channel berkaualitas meraka ability to world of work.
Observing the external conditions, including the needs and desires of consumers and the development of the ability of the Company from time to time, then after a long review, the Company set a new vision and mission. In line with the increase of business JOGJA INSPIRATION AND PROPERTY agribusiness which is extended as a business and investment expanded businessnya. However, the service remains the core business of construction JOGJA INSPIRATION. In developing its business, JOGJA INSPIRATION always limit the development area tailored to the ability of available resources. This is done so that the commitment to always provide the best service quality can be maintained.

B. subsidiary

– PT. Arino Karya Nusantara
– CV. Winola
– CV. Dendli Prakoso
– Jogja track ( WWW.JOGJATRACK.COM )

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